SoAR is hiring! See the job description for Vice President for Policy and Analysis

Job Description:  Vice President for Policy and Analysis

This position reports directly to the President of The Supporters of Agricultural Research (SoAR) Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. SoAR leads a non-partisan coalition that advocates for public funding for agricultural research to support a safe, affordable, and sustainable food supply for our nation and the world.

The Vice President for Policy and Analysis leads the organization’s interactions with both the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government. She/he works closely with SoAR’s partners in the agriculture and science communities to forge coalitions that maximize Congressional appropriations.  She/he has the following responsibilities:   

  • Develop and propose policy positions that will benefit the agricultural sciences
  • Develop and synthesize the information necessary for successful policy advocacy
  • Present publicly the organization’s positions at all levels of the policy community.
  • Direct and oversee consultants when necessary

 Qualifications include at least five years of experience in science policy and an interest in food and agricultural policy.  The person should have a clear understanding of the US budget and appropriations process.  She/he should ideally have experience in the various elements of policy analysis, including: the role of law in public policy; benefit/cost analysis; organizational dynamics; and experience in consensus building.  It is also important to have a facility with the various forms of presentation, including PowerPoint, and to be able to synthesize information in a concise and compelling way.

 This position is located in Arlington, Virginia.  Salary is negotiable, based on qualifications and experience.  Parties should express interest by October 28, 2019 to the President, specifics below, with an anticipated starting date of January 6, 2020.

Thomas Grumbly, President, tgrumbly@supportagresearch.org


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