Why Support Ag Research?

Good research is key to a thriving agricultural system. We need the best researchers working on our toughest challenges if we are going to feed the world’s growing population while remaining a leader in agriculture. SoAR’s goal is to increase funding for food and agricultural research because we know that it is vital for our future. This will benefit the lives of Americans by:

  • Strengthening the U.S. economy, creating jobs, and increasing profitability
  • Protecting public health by enhancing the nutrition, affordability, and safety of food
  • Improving soil, air, and water quality
  • Discovering new treatments and cures to diseases
  • Contributing to the security and stability of all nations

Why is agriculture important to the U.S. economy?

Agriculture remains a pillar of the U.S. economy, accounting for nearly $1 trillion of our GDP, 1 in 10 jobs, and provides a significant contribution to our nation’s trade balance.

What is the return on investment for agricultural research and development (R&D) funding?

This is an area of R&D where return on investment is estimated at $20 returned for every $1 invested. Underlying the hard work and success of our nation’s researchers and producers is a firm foundation of science and innovation.

Why does it matter if the US falls behind?

As one of the largest and wealthiest consumers and producers of food on the planet, the United States can and should lead on creating new solutions. China and Brazil are investing heavily in agricultural science and pushing the boundaries of what food production can accomplish. China doubled its investment in agricultural R&D between 2000 and 2008, while the United States is barely sustaining 2 percent annual growth in funding. 

What’s at stake? 

  • Ability to attract/retain businesses and the next generation of ag jobs
  • Intellectual properties and related profits
  • Inspiring the brightest minds to stay in agricultural science
  • US role as the leader in agricultural innovation and production