Tom Hayes serves as corporate vice president of Operations at Cargill. In this role he is responsible for Environment Health and Safety, and Plant Operations across Cargill.  In addition, Tom is also a platform leader for the Cargill Animal Protein and Salt Platform.

Hayes’ career at Cargill began in 1981 working in production and leadership positions within Cargill Corn Milling. In 1987, Hayes transferred to Cargill Meat Solutions based in Wichita, Kansas, where he oversaw corporate engineering and purchasing functions.  He later took an international assignment in Cargill’s United Kingdom processed chicken business, before returning to Wichita to serve as business unit leader of the Pork and Case-Ready businesses.

In 2005, Hayes was named president of Cargill Meat Solutions. He moved to Minneapolis in 2007 to assume an operations role overseeing Global Food and Engineering, and accepted his current position as corporate vice president in 2009.

He serves as a board member of North Star Bluescope Steel, a Cargill joint venture.

Hayes holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Missouri at Rolla.