Gail Pesyna serves as a development consultant for SoAR.  She retired in 2014 as Vice President, Human Resources and Program Management at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation as a Program Director in 1996, Gail spent much of her career at the DuPont Company in its “high tech” businesses – i.e., pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, and printing and publishing – in positions including Worldwide Business Manager for Medical Equipment Service, and Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Printing and Publishing.

Gail served in the Federal Government both prior to and following her career at DuPont. She was a science and technology policy analyst for the House of Representatives, a budget examiner for the Office of Management and Budget, and a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Finance in the Department of Energy.

At the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Gail combined her interests and background in science, business, and government to serve both the Foundation’s programmatic and operational missions. As Program Director, she led the Foundation’s programs of scholarly research in corporate governance and industry studies. Elected an officer of the Foundation by Sloan’s Board of Trustees in 2009, Gail then assisted the President in identifying, developing, and evaluating all Foundation programs and staff, maintained a portfolio of grantmaking within the business and economics program, and provided strategic and operational leadership in human resources.

Gail holds a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and computer science from Cornell University, and an AB from Wells College. She serves on the boards of the Industry Studies Association, the Meadville Lombard Theological School (chairing its Development and Communications committee), and the Pittsburgh Symphony Association, where she chairs the Fine Instruments Fund.